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Manor House Groß Markow: Castle vacation in Germany

The manor house Groß Markow – Castle Markow – as it is still popularly called today, is situated on the edge of Mecklenburg Switzerland, just a few kilometres from Lake Kummerow. Here you will find a beautiful landscape. This invites you to make extensive bicycle tours with the family or relaxed hiking tours with the whole family or for example the club. Furthermore the boat centre offers you its own place for sailing boats & catamarans, as well as an extensive surfing and sailing course programme.

On the property of the manor house you will find many different tree species. The reason lies in the history of the property. In the heyday of the estate it was a hobby of the nobility to plant and collect as many exotic plant and tree species as possible. Today these beautiful trees provide shade and a home for many birds. Learn more about the unique history of the Gross Markow manor house, click here!

Village Lewetzow

The manor house is only a few minutes away from Lewetzow, where many cultural events and concerts take place at the castle of the same name, attracting visitors from all over Germany. Especially in summer you will find here a selection of high-quality cultural events in a beautiful ambience. In the immediate vicinity, only a few minutes away, you can enjoy first-class evening events of the highest cultural and musical quality – a dream!

Golfers and friends of the upscale cuisine watch out!

Lewetzow is also home to an excellent German restaurant known for its game dishes, which you should not miss out on during your holiday in Mecklenburg Castle.

Less than 10 minutes walk away you will find Teschow Castle with its excellent restaurant and golf course. Here you have the opportunity to work on your golf profile in the direct surroundings of the manor house or even to hold whole tournaments.

City of Teterow

The next bigger town in the vicinity of Markow Castle is Teterow. This main town in the holiday region is famous for its castle wall island and its numerous monuments. In the past centuries the former Slavic settlement has developed into a small town worth seeing. What is special about this small town is its location, completely within the imposing castle wall. Medieval charm and romance are guaranteed here!

If you want to inform yourself about the natural world during your castle holiday in Germany, you can do this best in the Müritzeum. About 30 kilometres from Groß Markow, this modern natural history museum is well worth a visit. With its 26 aquariums, this exhibition site offers information about the flora and fauna of Mecklenburg Switzerland. A visit is not only worthwhile in bad weather!

The Lelkendorf pet park is an absolute highlight, especially for children. Only a few minutes away from the manor house Groß Markow, the youngest get first information about species and race protection and can see and touch many small animals, pigs, donkeys and horses. You will surely meet shining children’s eyes and pet wishes during a visit.

Further surroundings

In the further surroundings of the manor house Groß Markow you will find two cities, which are known all over Germany. The Hanseatic cities of Rostock and Wismar as well as the Baltic Sea beaches are not far away. By car you can reach these destinations within 30 minutes and experience and explore the Baltic Sea up close. We can almost promise you that you will never get bored in the manor house Groß Markow and its wonderful surroundings.

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