Holiday at Schmuggerow Castle: Surroundings


A visit to nearby Anklam is definitely advisable. At the moment the marina is being extended, which will give the town centre a Mediterranean feel when the weather is fine. Szczecin, in nearby Poland, 50 minutes drive, you should visit. Here there are endless shopping possibilities and restaurants, walks along the Red Town Hall and the Oder are highly recommended.


Uckermünde with its small, romantic old town is then almost on its way as a seaside resort at the Stettiner Haff. Usedom is a must-see. Just under an hour’s drive from Schmuggerow Castle is the architecture of the old imperial baths of Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck.

Here it is worth a stroll through the small streets and little streets as well as a visit to the pier from which the excursion boats depart.

Things to know

Surrounding Area