Hellberg Domizil — Exclusive castle holiday in the countryside

Dreamlike castle holiday – a whole castle for you?

Spend a wonderful castle holiday in one of our properties. We offer you two castles, Castle Poggelow and Castle Schmuggerow, as well as the manor house Lübbenow and the manor house Gross Markow to choose from. All properties are situated in a unique environment and each individual house is unique in history. A castle holiday offers a variety of possibilities, whether it is just a family holiday or the wedding of the century. But the houses are also suitable for club trips and conferences.

In laborious work we have restored these houses over many years. We repaired, extended and furnished them. Today the houses invite to a very special vacation. Our mansions and holiday castles are usually only rented weekly and from Saturday to Saturday.

We always look forward to seeing the big eyes and enthusiasm of our guests when they first enter one of our properties.

Our Hellberg-Domizil Properties:

Schloss Schmuggerow Luftaufnahme

Schloss Schmuggerow

Gutshaus Groß Markow Luftaufnahme

Gutshaus Groß Markow

Parkbank mit Schloss Poggelow von der Seite

Schloss Poggelow

Herrenhaus Lübbenow Front

Herrenhaus Lübbenau

We welcome you

Susanne Hellberg
Susanne Hellberg-Muckenschnabel

Conferences, family celebrations or events

Sometimes you wish you were in a different time with castles and palaces. You can fulfill this dream in a holiday in our castle. Sleep like the kings of that time, or enjoy a wonderful spring day in the castle park. Where, if not here in a castle holiday in one of the beautiful castles.

In Europe – whether in France or Sweden – historical buildings have always been valued. One perceives them as part of one’s own history. Our castles and manor houses, on the other hand, had lost the splendour of former epochs. In the end they lived a sad existence.

After the fall of communism, the opportunity arose to breathe life back into these treasures. In spite of the effort, which the restoration would mean, we seized this immediately. Meanwhile they shine again in the old splendour.

Discover & preserve history

You can rent an entire castle

Conferences, family celebrations, events

Today you can rent an entire castle for a holiday in the castle with a large company. Or perhaps you would like to celebrate a fairytale wedding with all your relatives in a large ballroom, then you have come to the right place. Because this is the perfect place to be a prince or princess.

Celebrate family celebrations like weddings in impressive ambience. Organize your company events away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Take advantage of the tranquillity of the surroundings to hold conferences.

group travels

Whenever many people come together, the desire often arises to spend more time together and to get to know each other better. This applies to clubs as well as companies, circles of friends or large families. A group trip to a jointly inhabited castle creates the perfect setting for this.

Explore landscape and nature

The holiday homes are situated in a very scenic environment. Even the little ones have a lot to discover here, such as bathing areas, playgrounds or even a ride with a pony or horse.

Nature lovers will not miss out here either. In addition to the generous outdoor areas, there are meadows and parks to visit with a large number of wild animals.

Recreation and Relaxation

Recreation and relaxation can also be an issue here. Here it always depends on what you are looking for. But no matter what it is, we certainly have something that suits you or can be tailored to you. Make your holiday something special.

Make a day trip with the family and in the evening drink a hot tea by the fireplace. In the morning you will wake up in one of the cosy and dreamy furnished rooms. From a balcony you can watch a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

Spend your holiday with your family in one of the spacious holiday homes. Or take the opportunity to meet with all your friends. In this way you contribute to the preservation and care of these historic buildings.