Castle Poggelow – Surroundings

The perfect castle holiday on the edge of Mecklenburg Switzerland

Schlossurlaub auf Schloss Poggelow: Community Schwasdorf

Poggelow Castle and the municipality of Schwasdorf are situated on the edge of Mecklenburg-Switzerland in the middle of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Every nature lover’s heart leaps out of his chest here, because the endless expanse of this landscape, formed by the last great ice age, impresses small & large.

Embedded in a landscape with small hills, big lakes, lush green forests and a deep blue sky are the ideal holiday base for excursions, bicycle tours, extensive hikes and walks, photographers and athletes. Of course, those who simply want to stay in a beautiful place and enjoy the beauty of Mecklenburg Switzerland will not miss out. Your castle holiday in Germany at Schloss Poggelow will be a unique experience with our unique piece of jewellery.

Poggelow Castle: ideal for nature and animal lovers

Castle Poggelow lies exposed in the green. Surrounded by almost endless tree-lined roads that link one village with the other, a horizon lined with deep blue skies and the old towers of the region’s brick churches, some of which are more than 700 years old.

Ideal for long rides with your horse or walks with your dog. Animals are always welcome at Schloss Poggelow and at no extra cost to you. Animals can be brought to Poggelow Castle free of charge.

That sounds good? Here you will find further information about the high-quality equipment of Poggelow Castle!

Nearby: the Burgwallinsel town of Teterow

The nearest, slightly larger city is the city of the center. This is how the small town of Teterow is called. Only 17 kilometers away from Poggelow Castle you will find all the amenities of a quiet little town that are necessary for a relaxing and interesting holiday in the countryside.

Teterow was already known in Mecklenburg Switzerland in former times, because it always impresses by many small alleys and architectural monuments. The special thing about Teterow is its special history and architecture.

In the Slavic period the small town became strategically important. The place is situated on an elongated island in the Teterower See. This exposed location made it possible for the Slavs to build on a fortress / fortress, the Burgwallinsel, which is still very well preserved today. Embedded in the old walls lies Teterow with its idyllic alleys and picturesque little houses from another time and is waiting to enchant you and your fellow travellers.

Video Poggelow Castle: History, Impressions & Inspirations

Day trips to the Baltic Sea coast & the Hanseatic city of Rostock

The German Baltic Sea coast with its picturesque small towns as well as the Hanseatic city of Rostock can be easily reached within an hour’s drive (distance from Poggelow Castle to Rostock approx. 53 kilometres) and still make it possible for you to swim in the Baltic Sea or explore the Hanseatic city of Rostock during your holiday at Poggelow Castle.

Fascination seals – experience the sea mammals up close!

In particular, we would like to recommend the Warnemünde lido and a very special fun for young and old: the MSC Seal Research Centre Hohe Düne in Rostock! Nine marine mammals (seals) cavort here in the seal basin of the Seal Research Centre Hohe Düne. As part of the University of Rostock, important information about seals in husbandry and in their natural habitat is collected here. Visitors are always welcome and feeding the cute and peaceful animals is always a visitor highlight. The eyes of young and old alike shine here!

From April to October the sun deck of the research centre is open daily from 10.00-16.00 and in November the research centre is open from 10.00-15.00. Admission prices start at 4.00 € for children up to 12 years old. Family tickets are 15.00 € (2 adults + maximum 3 children). Here you will find further information about the Seal Research Centre!

Mecklenburg Switzerland: Holiday in the midst of intact nature with a rich cultural offer

Mecklenburg Switzerland has its own unique charm. Here you are far away from the hectic city life of German metropolises. Here everything seems unaccelerated and contemplative, simply cosy. But it’s not that cosy here!

Behind every fork, behind every forest, behind every bend, new perspectives open up to the holidaymaker in Mecklenburg Switzerland. This intact nature area in the middle of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern convinces by diversity and variety in the truest sense.

Nature lovers watch out: full program in the Mecklenburg Switzerland

Bright yellow rape fields alternate with deep green and dense willow forests, deep blue large lakes with shady shore vegetation offer the eye new stimuli and stimuli. Ideal for nature lovers, walkers, athletes and photographers. The fields are surrounded by gossip poppies and cornflowers. Knorrige fruit trees and mighty Kastanien were formed again and again affectionately to large natural Chausseen. To stroll here in the afternoon sun enchants every visitor, guaranteed!

Again and again this uniquely beautiful landscape is crossed by small villages, which could not be more quaint and picturesque. Again and again funny for big city people is the fact that here some barns are bigger than the respective village churches. A sight that has become very rare nowadays. But their landscape is not all that Mecklenburg Switzerland has to offer.

Highest density of manorial properties for rent in Germany

Your cultural wealth is equally convincing! Again and again you find between the glittering waters and the rich green forests manor houses, manor houses and castles from days gone by, which still impress today with their loveful and spacious parks . In no other region of Germany can you make better holiday in castle or holiday in a man’s house/manor house than here! The Mecklenburgische Schweiz offers you one of the highest density of manorial estates, which you can rent for your dream vacation in the countryside in a castle or mansion on a weekly basis.

Furthermore there is an incredible abundance of cultural monuments, art treasures, museums and galleries at your disposal. A fulfilled, varied stay is thus guaranteed for you!

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