History of the manor house Lübbenow

The village of Lübbenow first appeared in documents at the beginning of the 14th century. In 1738 a baroque manor house was built here. However, the actual manor house with its classicist appearance was only commissioned around 1812 by the lords of the manor at that time, the Stülpnagel-Gargitz family. The building was completed in 1826.
In addition to several conversions over the years, the manor house was considerably extended almost one hundred years after the laying of the foundation stone. The beautiful round terrace at the rear of the house was added to this conversion, leading into the small park and to the lake. After the Second World War the demolition of the house by Soviet troops could just be prevented. At that time the property served as a refugee home, later as a school. The classic gymnasium, which is still in use today, dates from this period.

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